Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Orange County!





All meetings are open to the public. We meet 1 x a month on the third Tuesday of the month (see our Facebook page for more details), but only members in good standing will be able to participate in voting.


Annual dues:

Your annual dues will go towards operating costs for the Club.

  • individual membership = $15 /calendar year
  • household membership for up to 4 people = $27 /calendar year

Once you sign up and pay club dues, if you are a new member and not a renewing member, you must wait 60 days before you can vote. This common policy among Democratic Clubs reduces the propensity for stacking during endorsement votes. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

 By default, we designate Feel the Bern OC as the home club for all of our members. If you are a member of multiple clubs and want another club designated as your home club, please let us know. 

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2019 Membership Meetings

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