Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Orange County!

About Feel the Bern OC


Mission Statement


By all of our endeavors, we shall seek to grow the community involvement in the Democratic Party by driving the values inherent to a party of the people. We will inspire and foster leadership among progressives in Orange County based on the values championed by Senator Bernie Sanders:

• People before profits

• Money out of politics

• Fight for income equality

• Racial and social equality

• Environmental justice

• Healthcare and Education as a human right


All meetings are open to the public. We meet 1 x a month on the third Tuesday of the month (see our Facebook page for more details).

By Laws

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Meet the Feel the Bern Executive Board

Tim, Jaci, Graham, Richard (left to right)

Chair: Jaci Iannello

Vice Chair: Tim Johnson

Treasurer: Graham Cadena

Secretary: Richard Hurt

Meet the Feel the Bern Committee Chairs


Parliamentarian: Jestin Samson

Field Operations:


Grassroots Coalition: